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Air Fryer Toaster Oven, 32QT Toaster Oven 21-in-1 Extra Large Countertop Convection Rotisserie Oven Patented Dual Air Duct System with 8 Accessories Recipes Grey

Air Fryer Toaster Oven, 32QT Toaster Oven 21-in-1 Extra Large Countertop Convection Rotisserie Oven Patented Dual Air Duct System with 8 Accessories Recipes Grey

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  • 🍳【21 Preset and Advanced Dual Cook Function】OIMIS air fryer toaster oven combo can fulfill Air Fry, Toast, Bake, Roast, Broil, Reheat, Warm, Proof, Dehydrate and so on, one machines can replace an air fryer, rotisserie, dehydrator, pizza oven, toaster and convection oven. BONUS RECIPE--PIZZA function make 4 different flavors(F01 FC F03 F04) of pizza. TOAST function make 7 distinctive toast shade levels tailoring, DUAL COOK function enables combinations of any two functions in preset.
  • 🍗【32QT Extra-Large Capacity and 8 Food-Safe Accessories】Cater to your entire family with this toaster oven's colossal 32QT interior capacity, large enough to fit 13-inch pizaa,(on parchment paper), 4-6 slices of toast, or an entire cake/pie, 7.7lbs rotisserie chicken. It's perfect for whole family party. OIMIS toaster oven equipped with 8 easy-to-clean accessories made from food-grade materials, ensuring a safe and seamless cooking experience every time.
  • 🍔【Crunchy and Healthy Cooking Experience】OIMIS air fryer adopts surround 360°air convection technology with 6 heat elements, 1800 watt in total, avoid food scorching due to uneven heating. Which up to 85% less fat and grease compared with traditional frying method, delivering an unforgettably crunchy yet healthful cooking experience.
  • 👍【Revolutionary Dual Duct System and Enhanced Safety】Experience the cutting-edge innovation of the wonder oven with its patented dual duct system. This groundbreaking feature consists of separate hot and cold ducts, each serving a unique purpose. The hot air duct ensures swift and even cooking, significantly reducing your cooking time by an impressive 40%-50%. Meanwhile, the cold air duct actively works to lower the oven's surface temperature, keeping your kitchen cooler and safer. No flipping.
  • ⚒️【Trusted and Ensured】We make your safety our priority. The baking oven is odorless, and its interior is 80% flame retardant with a high ignition point of over 1000 degrees, providing a reliable and safe cooking environment. Coupled with cool wall temperatures, cool-touch handles and double-glazed doors block heat from escaping to prevent potential burns. OIMIS proudly offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, 1-year warranty, and lifetime technical consultation.

OIMIS is committed to the concept of "Enjoy a Healthy Life" and is deeply involved in the design of its products, with a variety of patented technologies and a high safety factor with ultra-low temperatures on the exterior of the oven during operation.
OIMIS air fryer oven offers a healthier and easier way to cook.Let you cook delicious food with family and friends,enjoy a leisurely and health life,fall in love with cooking.
PS:You can get more help by following the manual on Page 14-Page 15 and Page 19
It is a new cooking mode that mixes 2 cooking programmes into one cooking process, two smart programmes are switched automatically so there is no need to monitor the whole cooking process. Just set it up once and wait for the delicious food; Let's become a chef with ease!
1.Before cleaning the oven, cut off the power supply and unplug it, and then clean it after the oven is completely cooled;
2.Wipe the grease on the inner wall of the oven with a soft cloth soaked with neutral detergent;
3.Take out the baking tray or other accessories, soak them in hot water, and then clean them with neutral detergent;
4.Use vinegar and lemonade: to remove the scorched residue or oil scale stuck on the baking tray or grid, wipe it with vinegar (water + white vinegar) or lemonade with a rag; add salt into vinegar or lemonade, the cleaning effect will be better;
1 .Always clean the parts and inner wall of oven with water again after cleaning with cleanser, since the parts and inner wall may be corroded by the residual cleanser;
3. When the inner wall of the oven is still warm, it will produce a pungent smell when wiped with vinegar water;
4.It’s required to clean the parts and cavity well after cooking, since the left heavy grease and dirt may self-ignite during next cooking;
5. After cleaning, dry the oven in a cool place, dry the cleaned parts before use. And then plug in the power supply before use it.
PS:You can get more help by following the manual on Page 22-Page 23

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