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Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remote,Tropical Ceiling Fan 30 inch Reversible DC Motor Noiseless Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan for Indoor and Covered Outdoor

Ceiling Fans with Lights and Remote,Tropical Ceiling Fan 30 inch Reversible DC Motor Noiseless Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan for Indoor and Covered Outdoor

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  • 【High Air Volume Tropical Ceiling Fan】 Experience the breezy feeling of the beach with this 30 inch ceiling fan, featuring palm frond fan blades that not only enhance your décor; the angled fan blades also provide powerful airflow. Create a cool, tropical atmosphere for your space.
  • 【Efficient and Silent】This 6-speed DC motor ceiling fan uses an ultra-quiet motor that offers six adjustable wind speeds, allowing you to choose the most comfortable airflow. Experience noiseless operation that creates a tranquil atmosphere without any distracting noise. The high-quality motor ensures a steady stream of air, letting you enjoy a cool environment without interruption. A 1/2/4-hour timer function adds convenience.
  • 【Reversible DC Motor Ceiling Fan 】This ceiling fan features a reversible DC motor, offering year-round comfort. The reversible function improves air circulation, helping to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for all seasons, ensuring a cool breeze on hot days and even distribution of heat generated by heating systems during colder seasons.
  • 【3CCT LED Light]】Our 30 inch ceiling fan with light offering 3 color temperature options: 3000K (warm white), 4000K (neutral white), and 6500K (cool white). This allows you to select the ideal brightness and create the perfect ambiance.
  • 【Light Memory Function]】This LED light has a memory function, when you choose your favorite color temperature, then turn off the light for more than 7 seconds, this color temperature will be remembered, when you turn on the light next time, the color temperature is the remembered color temperature.
  • 【Easy Installation and 5-Year Warranty】We offer detailed user manuals to make installation simple. Additionally, our product comes with a 5-year warranty. If you encounter any issues while using the ceiling fan, we promise to provide timely and satisfactory solutions to ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction.
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This 30-inch tropical fan combines unique design with excellent performance, serving as both a stylish decor piece and an efficient fan. Its five palm leaf blades exhibit an elegant tropical style, bringing the tranquility of a tropical beach into your home. The detailed texture of the blades provides a natural feel, complementing any room's decor.
Additionally, it features integrated LED lighting, allowing you to enjoy cool air while also providing ample illumination.
Summer Mode: The fan blades push air downward, creating a cooling breeze that is perfect for summer use. This helps to lower the temperature and enhance the effectiveness of air conditioning.
Winter Mode: The fan can be set to reverse mode, where the blades push air upward. This allows warm air to circulate more effectively throughout the room, helping to distribute heat evenly, thus improving heating efficiency and increasing comfort.
3. Wall switch can only turn on or off the power, ceiling fan need to use remote control

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