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DBF 12'' Battery Operated Solar Fan, 2-in-1 Solar Panel Powered & AC Charger Powered 18 Speeds Portable Floor Fan Rechargeable, Cordless High Velocity Fan For Camping, Household, Garage, Outdoor

DBF 12'' Battery Operated Solar Fan, 2-in-1 Solar Panel Powered & AC Charger Powered 18 Speeds Portable Floor Fan Rechargeable, Cordless High Velocity Fan For Camping, Household, Garage, Outdoor

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About this item

  • 【Dual Charging Mode】Our solar power fan are rechargeable with AC adapter or solar panel. We are equipped with a 20V DC adapter, 18W solar panel and stand. You can use completely free solar energy as energy to drive the battery fan without additional wiring work, which easily solves the problem of outdoor charging and will no longer worry about the annoying electricity bill, very suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • 【Super Wind Speed & Super Silent】This battery powered fan uses three-phase permanent magnet outer rotor brushless DC motor, so that its variable speed will be smoother and the motor will run with less noise. Unlike other noisy, shaky fans on the market, our battery operated fans portable not only provide a maximum airflow of 2500 cfm, but also only 45 decibels of noise. The battery fans portable rechargeable is quiet enough to be used for indoor sleeping, yoga and other indoor activities.
  • 【Humanized Design】The outdoor fan has 18 levels of adjustable wind speed. Equipped with wind speed level display to indicate the remaining power and remind you to charge the fan in time. With USB port, it can charge cell phones and other digital products, perfect for outdoor emergency use. The portable fan's 120° adjustable tilt design helps direct air precisely to where it is most needed for cooling. Ideal as a garage fan to make garage work easier.
  • 【Long Standby Time】The rechargeable fan portable has a built-in 12000mAh high-capacity lithium-ion battery. Adapter charging time 2-3 hours, solar charging time 3-6 hours. This camping fan can run at high speed for about 4 hours and at the lowest fan speed setting for up to 24 hours of continuous operation. This battery operated fan will keep you cool all day long. Our product will be a good choice for an outdoor solar fan that you can use for a long time.
  • 【Excellent Quality and Good After-Sales Service】This solar fans for outside has a sturdy metal structure, large carrying handle and non-slip rubber feet, which can operate properly in various environments. Easy to assemble, no tools required, super durable. Wireless powerful fan is perfect for barbecue, camping, fishing, outdoor sports, travel, work, etc. If you have any questions about your fan, please contact us, we promise to give you a satisfactory solution. No risk, order now!

1. With 12-stage air speed option that provides a maximum airflow of 2500CFM, this portable battery fan provides you with a reliable and convenient outdoor cooling solution. Move a lot of air and effectively improve the air circulation around you.
2. Equipped with solar electric panel for easy emergency charging outdoors! The rechargeable floor fans can be used as an emergency mobile power source to charge your cell phone or laptop. This is the perfect camping equipment and the perfect addition to any outdoor activity.
3. Fan battery operated uses high quality brushless motor makes it quieter and more stable speed, making the high velocity fan more durable and longer-lasting. The multi-layer plate lamination enhances the performance of the solar cell and the corrosion-resistant low-iron tempered glass can withstand changing climates and provide a service life of over 10 years.
4. Using solar energy as the energy source to drive the fan, you don't need to use utility power or do additional wiring work, which is very safe and reliable. You can enjoy the coolness all summer long without the stress of overly heavy electric bills.
Our cordless fan is stylish and portable, so it can accompany you wherever you go. Cooling fan allows the fan to work without a cord, it can be used as an indoor floor fan, table fan, air circulation fan and outdoor fan perfect for indoor and outdoor use to keep you out of the hot and stuffy air! Keep your friends and family cool from the summer heat of camping, outdoor sports, fishing, barbecues, work, office, garage, gym, warehouse and more.
1, The fan is automatically set to the sixth wind speed, if you need a greater wind speed, please remember to adjust the wind speed gear button. In order to maximize the wind speed effect, please make sure the solar fan is full of sunlight power.
2, Whether the solar fan can produce the best wind speed effect depends on the intensity of sunshine, geographic location, weather, season and other unavoidable factors. Under normal circumstances, solar powered fan may need more time (at least 10-12 hours) to charge when it is cold or cloudy because there is not enough direct sunlight. At this time you can use USB device for power supply.
3.Please install the solar electric panel in a place where the sunlight can shine directly, and make sure there is no shade above the solar panel, such as eaves and trees. Before using the product for the first time, it is recommended to turn off the fan and charge it with the included USB cable for 3-4 hours, or charge it under direct sunlight for 6-8 hours.
1.Please fully charge battery when not use(Better protect battery life)
2.You can use this fan when it is charging.(When charging,the fan can be used at thesame time and USB port can charge electronicsproduct, AC Adaptor will charge battery whilthe fan is working).
3.Please purchase quality charger if the fan is notcharged by original adaptor.The output voltageof the adaotor is 15-20V or it might damage the fan.

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