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Electric Space Heater for Indoor Use, 1500W Ceramic Fast Heating Plug-in Wall Heater, Floor or Wall Mounted Room Heaters Fan with Remote & Towel Rack for Bathroom Bedroom Office, Pet Dryer

Electric Space Heater for Indoor Use, 1500W Ceramic Fast Heating Plug-in Wall Heater, Floor or Wall Mounted Room Heaters Fan with Remote & Towel Rack for Bathroom Bedroom Office, Pet Dryer

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About this item

  • HEATS UP FASTER THAN EVER – Featuring maximum 1500W of fast heating power, TOPNERIC space heater indoor will have you comfortably warm in as little as 3s. And thanks to the PTC ceramic heating technology and fan-assisted, this electric heater reaches its right temperature quickly and retains heat very well, so it cools down slowly when powered off. This offers unrivalled heating performance while only using a minimal amount of energy.
  • FLOOR STANDING OR WALL MOUNTED – While you marvel at the space that TOPNERIC wall mounted heater saves on the bathroom floor, it’s surprising that it can also be taken down and moved to the living room! Once placed firmly on the floor, the equipped towel rack could also be used as a 150° adjustable stand that you can angle to fit your needs. Due to its removable feature, this portable heater is also perfect for bedrooms, dens, offices, and other indoor scenarios.
  • USER FRIENDLY CONTROLS – TOPNERIC indoor room heater is stylishly designed and incorporates an easy-to-read touch screen controller, each button is clearly indicated on the touch panel, allowing even unfamiliar technology to be used with ease. And the electric heater indoor also comes with a remote control, which makes it easy to get the temperature of your room just right and program the timer (30/60/90 mins), even when you're lying on the bathtub/sofa/bed.
  • 4 MODES FOR ALL SEASONS – Warm up or cool off with this personal heater! There are 3 power settings – 40W (Fan Mode), 900W (Low Heat/Dry Mode) and 1500W (High Heat) – so you can use this as both a winter indoor heater and a summer fan. You can turn on any of the 2 heating powers on cold days to keep you comfortable out of the chilly. Or use the cool fan mode when the room is sweltering on hot days. Naturally, its versatility leaves more to the imagination, believe it or not, it can even be a heated towel rack or a pet hair dryer lol!
  • GREATER PEACE OF MIND – No worries, TOPNERIC plug in heater always focuses on your safety and satisfaction. It’s made of flame-retardant materials, which can effectively prevent burning. And it also comes with tip-over and overheat protection to further minimize the risk of fire. To avoid accidents and save on your heating bills, this smart heater will automatically shut off after 90 mins of continuous use. We also offer considerate service and 2-year manufacturer's warranty, you can always contact us via Amazon for help.
*Heats up quickly: PTC ceramic heating technology means more efficient heating and longer-lasting heat retention, plus 1500W high power output, allowing your room to warm up rapidly in seconds.
*Duel use: This energy efficient space heater, which innovatively accomplish both wall mounted and portable usage scenario. The towel rail could also be use as a stand to fit portable usage.
*Suitable for 365 days: There are 4 modes for you to use in different seasons - Fan mode delivers a naturally cool breeze for hot spring and summer, while low/high heat modes deliver warmth to combat cold fall and winter.
*Multiple protections: Advanced safety features such as tip-over protection, 90-minute auto shut-off and overheat protection, as well as flame-retardant materials for added peace of mind.
*A: It was described as a space heater indoor, why did the product manual I received say it was a pet hair dryer?
*Q: It is indeed a electric space heater, except that it doubles as a pet dryer. It was designed from the ground up for bathroom heating, as evidenced by the fact that it also comes with its own towel rack. It was only later that engineers designed the towel rack to be adjustable so that it could be used not only on the wall, but also on the floor in the living room or bedroom. If you receive an instruction manual that says it is a pet dryer, please don't worry, this is just a printing error and will not affect the normal use of the product.
*A: Why did it automatically shut off after 90 minutes of use?
*Q: As mentioned above, this electric wall heater was originally designed to heat up the bathroom and keep you cozy on cold winter days, and for safety purposes it's set to turn off after 90 mins of use (after all, you can't take a bath for more than 90 mins lol). In those 90 mins, you can enjoy a cozy bath time while warming your towels, or take a warm nap, or take your leisure time in the living room with a hot cup of coffee, or dry your puppy.
*Q: We apologize that this wall mounted bathroom heater does not allow you to set the temperature. It comes in 3 different power levels, 1500 watts for high heat mode, 900 watts for low heat mode and 40 watts for natural breeze mode.
*A: What should I do if I'm not satisfied with it? / What should I do if it stops working?
*Q: As a responsible seller, you can send us a message, tell us what you are not satisfied with and we will arrange a re*fund or replacement for you right away. :)

How do you give a modern look to your room while heating it comfortably? Nothing is simpler: choose our stylish electric space heaters.
No more sweating in the summer or chilling in the winter! Not only does this versatile heater provide 1500 watts or 750 watts of heat for immediate comfort, it also provides a cool breeze through the chiller for all seasons.
You can mount it securely on the wall, in a way that is ideal for areas with limited floor space. It can also be placed on the floor! This placement advantage makes it portable and usable in living rooms, bedrooms, basements and other indoor scenarios.
The splash proof design and superb heating performance of this space heater mean it can double up as the perfect bathroom heater. It equipped with a towel holder bar, that’s why it warms space and dries towels/undershirt at the same time. Awesome!
What could be more enjoyable than napping on a warm winter day? This heater for bedroom works quietly with a noise level of only 40-45 dB. It can create a warm, peaceful and comfortable environment for you to get productive work, focused study and restful sleep.
By placing the heater at your feet, you can enjoy the warm breeze while watching TV, reading books, playing video games, decorating the Christmas tree, and more. This is definitely your pleasant leisure time.
Some FAQs for TOPNERIC Wall Heater, please read carefully before making any decisions.
We are happy to listen to all our customers. Any of your feedback and suggestions are our precious assets. Please feel free to let us know if you need any help. Thank you. ;)

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