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FLS-80-BLACK Refrigerator, Black

FLS-80-BLACK Refrigerator, Black

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About this item

  • Double door design: This refrigerator adopts a double door design and is divided into two functional areas: refrigeration and freezing. The refrigerator has a large capacity space to store enough food, and a 1.05 cubic foot freezer capacity is used to store frozen food. The adjustable horizontal legs provide convenience for placing the refrigerator. Compact but fully functional!
  • Energy saving and quiet: The refrigerator adopts the R600 high-efficiency and low-energy compressor, which has excellent refrigeration and energy-saving effects. While enjoying the perfect cooling effect, it can also ensure a quiet working and learning environment, improving your quality of life.
  • 2 Removable Shelves: Our refrigerator comes with Removable Shelves, allowing you to freely adjust the height of the space, providing full flexibility and making it easier for you to retrieve items and clean the inside of the refrigerator.
  • Adjustable temperature control: Adjustable temperature controller: Our refrigerator can be adjusted to 5 to 8 ℃ in the freezer/0 to -18 ℃ in the freezer. Rotate the constant temperature knob to meet the different temperature requirements of different foods. Bringing you an experience of multiple freezing and refrigeration temperatures, allowing you to choose from a more diverse range!
  • High capacity and wide using: Our refrigerator has a capacity of 3.5 Cu. Ft compaWOOD to ordinary small refrigerators, it has larger space and better using experience. It is suitable for various places such as offices, dormitories, RVs, etc. It can be flexibly matched for an ultimate experience!

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