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Fristaden Lab Overhead Stirrer, Electric Stirrer 180W Digital, 50,000 mPa-s - High-Efficiency Laboratory Stand Stirrer with Display

Fristaden Lab Overhead Stirrer, Electric Stirrer 180W Digital, 50,000 mPa-s - High-Efficiency Laboratory Stand Stirrer with Display

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About this item

  • Powerful Stirring Capabilities: With a 180W motor, this overhead stirrer efficiently handles up to 20 liters, making it ideal for laboratory and industrial mixing; It is perfect for tasks requiring up to 50,000 mPa-s viscosity, ensuring thorough and consistent results
  • Adjustable Speed for Precise Control: Experience precise control with speed settings adjustable from 100-2000 RPM in 20 RPM increments, best for consistency and accurate results.
  • Built for Durability and Ease of Use: Compact and robust, this stirrer fits easily on any lab bench; It’s designed for quiet operation and low maintenance with an oil-free motor, ensuring clean and reliable performance every time
  • Dependable Quality with Extended Warranty: Ensured reliability with a 2-year warranty, this stirrer meets ISO 13485 and CE standards for ensured quality; Trust in durable, long-lasting equipment for your day to day work requirements
*Is it worth the cost compared to cheaper models? | It depends on your needs. If you will use it irregularly or with small samples, perhaps a cheaper model is better. But with a longer longevity (and support) we expect our model to be cheaper in the long term. Having a greater wider range also allows you to expand your operations in the future without buying new equipment.
*What does your support mean exactly? | We hate returns that aren't worth the hassle. If you have a problem in the first 2 years, we'll replace the unit or send you the broken part. Just let us know and we'll ship the unit immediately (generally 3-5 day shipping).
*Is it complex to work with? | Not at all. It has intuitive controls and comes with PDF and print user manuals written by native English speakers.
*Where is your company based? | Our management is based in the United States and our team is spread throughout the world.
*I'm worried about the maintenance and upkeep costs. What's involved? |Nothing. The overhead stirrer has a maintenance (and oil!) free DC motor. If there are any problems in the first 2 years, we'll replace stirrer.
*How long will it last? | The DC motor is rated for 10,000 hours (8 hours per day, 5 days per week for 5 years). With more intermittent use it can last for years.
*Is it noisy? The motor is very quiet; significantly less than standard kitchen products.
*Will it take up too much space? | All overhead stirrers are around 1.5 feet tall and a bit bulky. What makes ours stand out compared to some competitors is that we have a smaller benchtop profile. In fact, this instrument will take up less bench space than most (much weaker) magnetic stirrers.
*Does it have the speed range suitable for my applications? | For most stirring applications, yes. The stirrer has a range between 100-2000 RPM.
*Do I need any special vessels? | No. But the stirrer is design to work with larger quantities. If you try to use in small quantities, it will probably spill.
*Does it overheat with continuous use? | If there is too much of a load, the motor will stop before overheating. That being said, we recommend using the stirrer for only 8 hours at a time to prolong the life of the motor.
*Are replacement parts readily available and affordable? | Yes. If you have any problems with the paddle or stand we will replace it within the first 2 years. If you would like a different type of paddle they are readily available on Amazon. Just make sure that they are compatible with the 8-10mm chuck.
*Is it easy to clean, especially after dealing with sticky or viscous substances? | Yes. The paddle is easily detachable (no tools needed with the chuck). The body of the stirrer is corrosion resistant and easy to wipe off with a cloth.
*How precise is the speed control? | The overhead mixer is calibrated to 20 RPM increments between 100 and 2000 RPM. If you need precision to achieve consistency, we strongly recommend a digital model.
*Can it be customized to fit specific requirements of my experiments/production? The RPM is easily adjustable. If you need different paddle types, they are readily available on Amazon for around ($20-25). Just make sure they work with the 8-10mm drill chuck.
*I haven't heard much about your brand. How do I know I can trust your products? | We've been in business since 2013 and are based in the United States. We have a reputation for honoring our after-product service (please check our Amazon reviews). If something goes wrong its very expensive for us so we are thorough with our quality control. Also, perhaps even more, we hate wasting people's time.
*How easy is it to assemble or disassemble for cleaning or maintenance? The drill chuck doesn't require any special tools so you can remove the paddle in seconds. The rest of the assembly is easy to deconstruct and clean.
*Is the stirrer portable enough to move around the lab if needed? Yes. It weighs around 20 lbs. but doesn't take up much bench space.
*What are the tradeoffs between digital and analog models? | In general, digital models allow for a much greater degree of precisions and consistency. In particular, our digital model is significantly more powerful than our analog model (and top competitors). This allows for greater volumes and higher performance.
*What are your quality control procedures? | Our factory is ISO-9001 and CE certified. We inspect each unit with a certified 3rd party inspection company as well.
*Which voltage is this designed for? 110-240 V, 50 Hz (USA Plug with wide voltage range)
*How important is precision with stirring? | It depends on your use case but is essential in the following situations: controlled stirring (maintaining constant variables); repeatability in experiments or recipes; scaling up or down processes; or working with (or avoiding) shear forces.
*Which scale of work is this designed for? | Anything between very small samples to full-scale manufacturing.
*How many stirring blades are included with this mixer? | The overhead mixer includes one stirring blade (pictured). The adjustable drill chuck is also compatible with most stirring blades with a diameter of 1-8mm.
*Can I use the machine right out of the box? | Yes! The overhead stirrer can be easily assembled (no additional tools needed) in five minutes or less. This machine operates with a simple, intuitive design for fast and efficient use.

This overhead stirrer’s 180 W output power is 5X leading models. Confidently, stir batch sizes of up to 20 L for 8 hours at a time.
A max capacity of 50,000 mPa-s gives you the option to work with many substances not possible with standard stirrers (10,000 mPa-s).
If there is an unexpected problem, we will immediately replace any faulty unit or part for any reason within the first 2 years.
The maintenance-free DC motor is rated to 10,000 hours (8 hours per day, 5 days per week for 5 years) and has an output power of 180 W (5X other popular overhead stirrers).

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