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Nictemaw Mini Fridge, 20L Portable Cooler Warmer Refrigerators, 60W Compact Skincare Fridge for Skincare, Foods, Drinks, Bedroom, Office & Car, Black

Nictemaw Mini Fridge, 20L Portable Cooler Warmer Refrigerators, 60W Compact Skincare Fridge for Skincare, Foods, Drinks, Bedroom, Office & Car, Black

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  • 🍧20 Liters of Capacity----Small size with large capacity. Its interior is divided into three layers and a storage basket. The total size is 8.3x7.9x13.2inch, and the outer size is 10.6x13.0x15.9inch. It can be easily fitted into the trunk and seats of the car, which is very suitable for long trips.
  • 🍺Multiple Functions----This temperature-adjustable mini refrigerator with large storage space can not only store drinks, food, medicines, but also can be used as a skincare refrigerator to store personal care and beauty products such as facial masks, creams, serums, etc. What a removable treasure box it is!
  • 🥤Adjustable Temperature Control----The one-touch touch button can quickly switch from cooling to heating, and it can be cooled to 20°C-25°C lower than the ambient temperature or preheated to about 65°C, which can freeze or heat various foods.
  • 🍦Easy to Carry----This mini refrigerator is stylish, lightweight, compact and portable. The included AC and DC power adapters are used in the vehicle's standard power socket and 12V (DC) adapter, which can easily be transferred from indoor 110V (AC) to car use, which is convenient for your self-driving travel.
  • 🧉Environmentally Friendly----Advanced semiconductor operation has the characteristics of ultra-quiet and environmental protection, so you can rest at ease even if it is placed in the bedroom.
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*Removable shelf---Removable partition, Rational use of space, Layered storage to reduce odor.
*Semiconductor Refrigeration Chip---Freon-free. Large chip allows for better cooling and keeping warm.
*This is a portable personal plug-in mini refrigerator.
*It can be used for home, office, dormitory, bedroom, car, travel, vacation or camping.
*Using this refrigerator, you can use it as an extra storage room for food, beverages, breast milk, insulin, facial masks, skin care products, medicines and other essentials.
*The compact skincare refrigerator is a great gift for family and friends.

Not only can it be used for beverages, fruits, food, medicines, skincare and other necessities, but also can be used to store hot drinks, warm milk, breast milk, lunch and so on. Although it is small in size, it has a large capacity. It has a convenient portable handle, which is easy to carry. So it is a convenient partner for long-distance trips, offices, camping, parties and other outings.
This compact refrigerator generate a noise level as low as 28dB, which is even quieter than whispering. It provides comfortable and quiet environment for sleeping, working, reading, etc. You can put it in your bedroom, dorm, office, RV and so on.
The clever handle design makes it easy for us to lift or move the refrigerator, which greatly reduces the burden of lifting heavy objects on us, so that you can easily take it to wherever you want to go.

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