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Reishunger Digital Mini Rice Cooker & Steamer, White with Keep-Warm Function & Timer - 3.5 Cups - Small Rice Cooker Japanese Style with Ceramic Inner Pot - 8 Programs - 1-3 People

Reishunger Digital Mini Rice Cooker & Steamer, White with Keep-Warm Function & Timer - 3.5 Cups - Small Rice Cooker Japanese Style with Ceramic Inner Pot - 8 Programs - 1-3 People

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About this item

  • PERFECT RICE AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON - Full rice flavour, perfect consistency and nutrient-saving preparation thanks to groundbreaking 7-phase cooking technology
  • MORE THAN JUST RICE – The Mini Digital Rice Cooker offers 8 cooking modes. 6 dedicated modes for rice: Standard, White, Brown, Sushi, Congee and Crispy. But beyond cooking rice to perfection you can steam fish, vegetables or meat and even bake cakes.
  • INTUITIVE OPERATION & SIMPLE TO USE - Intuitive operation thanks to simple menu selection and well-lit, modern display. Useful timer and keep warm function for superbly tasty rice when you want it
  • PREMIUM INNER POT & NO BURNING - High quality inner pot made from stainless steel with practical handles and double, non-stick ceramic coating. 3D heat distribution for evenly and perfectly steamed rice
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE PREMIUM RICE COOKER - High quality workmanship / long working life / easy-to-read LED display / holds 2.5 cups of rice for up to 3 people / 350 W / 120 V / dimensions: 12,6 x 9,05 x 8,7 in / weight: 6.66 lbs / incl. measuring cup, rice cooker spoon, steam insert (plastic) / detailed instructions

For a particularly gentle preparation and perfectly cooked rice, the Digital REISHUNGER Mini Rice Cooker features a 7-phase cooking technology specifically designed for rice. The Digital Mini Rice Cooker automatically activates the correct cooking phase in sequence: preheating, water absorption at medium temperature, heating phase, cooking phase, nutrient retention, short water absorption, and finally the keep-warm phase. This ensures that nutrients are preserved and the aroma can fully develop.
The use of the rice cooker is suitable for children aged 8 and older if they are supervised or if you have sufficiently explained the safe use of the device to them. It is important to discuss the potential dangers with the children and ensure they understand them before use. The device should not be cleaned or maintained by children. However, children older than 8 years can do so under your supervision. Store the rice cooker out of reach of children under 8 years old.
Our rice cooker has a capacity of 0.6 liters and can prepare up to 3 servings of rice—perfect for small families or singles.
The high-quality, ceramic-coated inner pot ensures even heat distribution due to its 3-layer construction.
Cleaning requires neither much time nor effort. Simply wash the inner pot with warm water and a little dish soap.
How many grams of white rice (Basmati, Jasmine) can the Digital Mini Rice Cooker cook at maximum capacity?
The maximum capacity of the Digital Mini Rice Cooker is 3.5 measuring cups of white rice or 2.5 measuring cups of brown rice. It's best to use only the included measuring cup to measure the amount of rice.
How much water do I need if I only want to use the Digital Mini Rice Cooker for steaming?
If you only want to steam vegetables, fish, or meat without rice in the Digital Mini Rice Cooker, we recommend filling the rice cooker with water to about 1/4 to 1/3 of its capacity.
Is the Digital Mini Rice Cooker suitable for sushi rice?
Yes! The Digital Mini Rice Cooker, just like the larger Digital Rice Cooker, has an extra "Sushi" mode. This ensures perfect sushi rice every time!
The steaming insert is made of BPA-free and food-grade plastic.

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