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WANGYUANJI Carbon Steel Wok Pan, 11" Flat Bottom Woks and Stir Fry Pans with Lid,No Chemical Coated Traditional Wok for Induction, Electric, Gas, Halogen All Stoves-Practical Gift

WANGYUANJI Carbon Steel Wok Pan, 11" Flat Bottom Woks and Stir Fry Pans with Lid,No Chemical Coated Traditional Wok for Induction, Electric, Gas, Halogen All Stoves-Practical Gift

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About this item

  • CRAFTMANSHIP WOK - Wangyuanji Nitriding Carbon Steel Frying Wok Series has a clean and modern look while still carrying fine details from this nearly 400 years history Chinese wok manufacturer.If there is a little hole on the bottom of the WANGYUANJI Carbon Steel Wok after some time of use, Please contact us immediately for a refund or exchange.
  • WOK PAN HEALTHY COOKING - Nitriding process forms a layer of healthy, no chemical coating and provides a solid and strong protection shield over the wok surface, make it durable and long lasting. This wok is suitable for all kinds of spatula, wooden, silicone, metal, etc.
  • IRON WOK FAST HEAT CONDUCT - Wangyuanji Nitriding Carbon Steel Wok is made of 16 Gauge (1.5mm) sturdy carbon steel. It provides fast heat transfer and makes stir fry quicker. Enjoy cooking all types of meals, from roasted vegetables, stir fry, seafood, and more.
  • VERSATILE COOKING - Wangyuanji Nitriding Carbon Steel Wok has a flat bottom design, with a detachable handle and glass lid. This wok is safe to use on gas stove. It is excellent for you to get ready to enjoy all sorts of Asian cooking tasks including stir-frying, searing meat, deep-frying, braising, and steaming.
  • PERFECT WOK PAN-11"W and 3.7"D stir frying wok can serve at least 3-5 people of food portions which is ideal for entire family use or a small friend-gathering. NOTE:Season the wok is still required! The wok is NOT dishwasher and oven safe! Wash the wok by hand with warm water, and dry with paper towel.

Wangyuanji has a history of making woks for over 400 years, with no chemical involved but instead a natural coating process that still create the nonstick property.High heat quick stir-fry, wooden handle prevents your hands from burning. The V shaped mouth design makes it easier to pour liquid soups. Lastly, the transparent glass lid allows you to watch your dishes without compromising the taste.
Move the cooked food out of the wok as soon as its finished cooking, don’t leave it in the wok because the acid in the food will eventually damage the outside protective oil layer of the wok.
Clean the wok as soon as you can, then keep it dry. Apply a layer of oil if it hasn’t been used for a longtime.
Calling out all the foodies and chefs, you can never have enough good woks, cast iron wok are not a hassle to use, perhaps you did not properly maintain the pot. Zero chemicals added to Wangyuanji’s iron pots, to ensure health and safety when eating. Therefore a small amount of rust is expected if occurred, please clean and apply a tiny bit of edible oil after each use. Additionally, keeping the pots in a dry location will also reduce rust. Please be patient and repeat this process for about the month and you will be rewarded.
1.Wash the wok: Use warm water and mild dish soap to wash the new wok thoroughly. Scrub it gently with a sponge or non-abrasive brush to remove any manufacturing residue or dirt. Rinse it well.
2.Dry the wok: After washing, dry the wok completely with a towel. Ensure there is no moisture left on the surface.
3.Heat the wok: Place the wok on the stovetop over medium heat. Allow it to heat up fully, which helps to open the pores of the metal and prepare it for seasoning.
4.Add oil: Once the wok is hot, add a small amount of high-smoke-point oil, such as neutral vegetable oil, canola oil, or peanut oil. Swirl the oil around the wok, ensuring it coats the entire surface, including the sides.
5.Season the wok: Heat the oil in the wok until it starts smoking. Using tongs or a heat-resistant brush, spread the smoking oil evenly on the wok’s surface, including the sides. Keep the heat on for about 3-5 minutes.
6.Cool and wipe: Turn off the heat and allow the wok to cool naturally. Once it is safe to handle, use a paper towel or cloth to wipe off any excess oil. This process forms a protective layer on the wok’s surface, preventing rust and enhancing its non-stick properties.
7.Repeat the process: To develop a better seasoning, repeat steps 2-3 several times. Each time, allow the wok to cool, wipe off excess oil, and renew the layer of seasoning.
Properly seasoned woks over time, making them more non-stick and imparting flavor to your cooking.
Chinese Premium Wangyuanji Wooden Handle Carbon Steel Wok
Features – Lightweight Wok, fast heat transfer, suitable for high heat stir fry
Craftsmanship - one-time molding, with advanced space level nitriding technology. It becomes the wok anti-rusk and its very easy to use.
Improved corrosion resistance, anti-rust and scratch & chipping resistant

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