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ZENG 7 Pieces Butcher Knife Set with Roll Bag, Husk Knife Set for Meat Cutting, Cleaver Chef Knife Set

ZENG 7 Pieces Butcher Knife Set with Roll Bag, Husk Knife Set for Meat Cutting, Cleaver Chef Knife Set

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About this item

  • 【PERFECT SET COMBINATION】 Set includes a 12.08-inch chopping knife, an 11.73-inch multi-purpose knife, an 11.14-inch butcher's knife, a 10.59-inch boning knife, a 10.59-inch dividing knife, a 10.43-inch hook knife, and sharpening rod. Get ready to tackle any culinary challenge with this comprehensive 7-piece butcher knife set!
  • 【 HIGH-QUALITY BODY MATERIAL】 Each knife is made of premium stainless steel to withstand the rigors of everyday use and stay sharp for years to come. This butcher knife set will be an indispensable addition to every kitchen!
  • 【UNIQUE FORGING PATTERN】 Each knife features an exquisite and unique forging pattern handcrafted by artisans, which not only provides excellent cutting performance but also makes it a piece of art in the kitchen.
  • 【COMFORTABLE HANDLE DESIGN】 The handles of each knife in the Butcher Knife Set are ergonomically designed and made from a combination of walnut and brass nails to ensure a comfortable and secure grip. Say goodbye to slippery handles and you'll enjoy cutting with ease and precision.
  • 【IDEAL GIFT CHOICE】This butcher knife set is not only practical but also beautifully crafted, making it ideal for cooking enthusiasts. Give the gift of precision and style to you or a friend with this outstanding set of knives.

Whether you're new to the kitchen or an experienced chef, we've got the knives to suit your needs.
Whether you're new to the kitchen or an experienced chef, our butcher knife sets are well-designed, with sharp blades and comfortable handles that help you do more with less, whether you're cooking a meal or working with ingredients.
Choose your own Butcher Knife Set to make food preparation easier and more enjoyable!
Hand-Hammering: In the first step of knife making, the craftsman uses a forging hammer and hand techniques to heat a raw block of steel to the proper temperature and, through repeated fine hammering, shape the steel into the initial shape of the knife. This process requires not only an experienced craftsman but also an in-depth understanding of metal properties.
High-heat treatment: During the manufacturing process, knives undergo high-temperature treatments, usually quenching and tempering. First, the tool is quenched to cool it quickly to increase its hardness. Then it is tempered to reduce internal stresses and increase toughness by controlling the heating temperature and time to ensure that the tool is less likely to break in use.
Repeated forging and tempering: To achieve higher strength and better flexibility, craftsmen repeatedly forge and temper. This process is designed to further improve the lattice structure of the steel and adjust its properties to make knives more durable and keep them sharp.
Fine cutting edge: The final step is to finely carve and polish the blade. At this stage, craftsmen use a variety of sharpening tools, including grinding wheels and whetstones, to polish and sharpen the blades to ensure that they have excellent sharpness and smoothness for optimal cutting results when in use.

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