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ZWILLING Enfinigy Cool Touch 1-Liter Electric Kettle, Cordless Tea Kettle & Hot Water - Black

ZWILLING Enfinigy Cool Touch 1-Liter Electric Kettle, Cordless Tea Kettle & Hot Water - Black

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About this item

  • This electric hot water kettle mixes German engineering and innovation with a fresh, sleek design to efficiently boil water for your tea, coffee, or hot cocoa
  • Double-walled body keeps water hot longer while the outside remains cool to the touch
  • The electric kettle features a 70° lid opening which prevents direct contact with hot steam
  • Seamless stainless-steel design for easy, residue-free cleanup with the electric hot water kettle
  • Accompanied by the ZWILLING Culinary World App, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store
Pour yourself the perfect cup with our thermal kettles. Our two 6.25-cup double-walled, stainless-steel kettles are cool to the touch and feature a seamless stainless-steel lining, making them exceptionally hygienic. The Kettle Pro offers precise temperature control, 6 pre-set temperature programs, and a 30-minute keep-warm function. In addition to silver and black, both kettles are available in elegant gold and rose.The beautiful, durable borosilicate glass kettle features an easy-to-read double-sided measuring line and offers a generous max capacity of 7 cups. The stainless-steel steeper can be inserted to prepare your favorite tea directly in the kettle. Rounding out the features are 4 temperature control options, a tea timer that measures 0 to 10 minutes, and a 30-minute keep-warm function.No matter which kettle you choose, you’ll be ensured the ideal water temperature for everything from coffee and tea, to baby bottles.
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